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Super Mazembe's Shida featuring Samba Mapangala on vocalIn preparing the Mazembe @ 45 RPM compilations, I spent a lot of time going over the AI Records catalogue. I wanted to get a complete list of all the singles ever released on the Editions Mazembe imprint. Then I wanted to identify which singles were included in LP releases or later CD compilations and which singles had only been released as 45 rpm singles. Editions Mazembe started off as an EMI label in Kenya. In the lates 70s, EMI withdrew from Kenya and its catalogue was acquired by AIT Records. I haven't been able to determine the exact point in the release sequence where the EMI releases become AIT releases. The EMI releases give the Producer credit to Oluoch Kanindo and I'm guessing the transition took place with EMA21 which was produced by Felix Njakumu (aka Jakomo and similar spellings).

One of the mysteries of the catalogue is what happened to the first five EMA releases. Perhaps they are place holders for some earlier Mazembe recordings. The first documented Editions Mazembe release is EMA 7-06, Kasongo, which was the first big hit for Super Mazembe. Prior to Kasongo, there were other Mazembe 45s available on the Soul Posters label, recorded in Nairobi by EMI but sold from France. For example, I bought my first Super Mazembe single in 1976 at the African Record Centre, Brooklyn NY; songs written by Mazembe's Zambian producer Nashil Pichen called Samahani Catherine and Sikutaki Regena (SP 10509). In the same series was "The Super Mazembe" Rose Mwape and Impali on Soul Posters SP 10510. They're not dated but they come after TPOK Jazz numbers that can be dated to 1975. During this early period in Nairobi, Super Mazembe also recorded quite a number of songs with Nashil Pichen designated for release in Zambia on the Luapula label.

Here is the current state of my knowledge of the Editions Mazembe catalogue from AI Records, Nairobi:

Catalogue Number
45 RPM Only
Release Date
Also on Album (See definitions below)
EMA 06
Kasongo Katele Aley 1977 0514/0540 (redo) /0560/DA7/GEA
EMA 08
Samba Katele Aley 1977 0514/DA7/GEA
EMA 09
Naleki Na Ba Zone Tshishi
EMA 10
Amina Pauni M@45V1
EMA 11
Aleisia Katele Aley   M@45V2
EMA 12
Libala Nde Lisano Longwa Didos  
EMA 13
Mwana Mazembe Katele 1977 0514/M@45V1
EMA 14
Shida Katele Aley 1977 0514
EMA 15
Sala Keba M@45V2
EMA 16
Na Bimaka Te Katele Aley   0560/DA7/M@45V1
EMA 17
Izabella Katele Aley M@45V1
EMA 18
Ndona Katele Aley M@45V2
EMA 19
Kingo Mwambe Katele Aley M@45V1
EMA 20
South View Katele Aley M@45V1
EMA 21
Naleli Libota Katele Aley   M@45V1
EMA 22
Okova Katele Aley 8 JULY, 1979 M@45V1
EMA 23
Atia-Jo Atia-Jo 2 SEPTEMBER, 1979 0530/0560
EMA 24
Kayembe Kayembe Rapok 10 NOVEMBER, 1979 0560
EMA 25
Longwa Longwa Didos 4 DECEMBER, 1979 GEA
EMA 26
Lovy 6 MAY, 1980
EMA 27
Anna 3 JULY, 1980
EMA 28
Yo-Mabe Lovy Longomba 1980 M@45V2
EMA 29
Biwela (Christmas)
EMA 30
Ndeko 24 April, 1980
EMA 31
Nanga Lovy Longomba 16 MAY, 1981
EMA 32
Mokano Lovy Longomba
EMA 33
EMA 34
EMA 35
Salima Kandolo Rondo 2 JUNE, 1982 0560
EMA 36
Mwana Nyiau Lobe Mapako Roddy 0540 (redo)/DA7/M@45V2
EMA 37
Nganyiemu Lobe Mapako Roddy M@45V2
EMA 38
Pepepe Dack Star Pepe 0540
EMA 39
Presto Madjo Maduley Abdalla M@45V2
EMA 40
Prekete Madjo Maduley Abdalla M@45V2
EMA 41
Zulfa Loboko Bua 0550
EMA 42
Rosy Lovy Longomba 0550
GEA = Giants of East Africa M@45V1 = Mazembe @ 45 RPM Volume 1 (Stern's Africa 3063) / M@45V2 = Mazembe @ 45 RPM Volume 2
0514 = Mwana Mazembe 0530 = Tenth Anniversay
0520 = Mazembe 0540 = Double Gold
DA7 = DiscAfrique AFRICD007 Maloba D'Amor 0560 = Their Greatest Hits

After posting the Editions Mazembe grid above, a Kenyan living in Mombasa got in touch and let me know about several other Mazembe songs not on my singles grid nor the album grid. If anyone knows their catalogue numbers, I'd love to be able to place them among the Mazembe singles and album songs. The mystery titles are: Kanindo Part 1 4:41, Kanindo Part 2 4:45, Bekende Bokila Part 1 4:49, Bekende Bokila Part 2 4:44, and Naweli Nini 8:34 (PKZ 60 on the Luapula label). Please get in touch if you have some information to add regarding these songs or more data to add to the singles grid.

My Kasongo Diversion...

The song Kasongo also has an interesting history. The name refers to Mazembe guitarist Kassongo Songoley and is spelled Kassongo on the Giants of East Africa CD, the DiscAfrique collection Maloba D'Amor, and in the Virgin Records version on the Kaivaska LP (alternatively titled Kaivasha on the disc). However, on all the Editions Mazembe vinyl, the song title appears as Kasongo. There are two different versions of the song, the original from 1977 and a remake for the European audience recorded in 1982. The original version takes several different forms that I'll explain first. Like all the Editions Mazembe singles, Kasongo is divided at the midway point and placed on both the A and B sides of the record: The original Kasongo Part 1 is 4:34 with Kasongo Part 2 timed at approximately 4:22. That's a total of 8 minutes, 56 seconds. For the album versions, the AIT mastering engineers did some cutting and splicing to fit together the two parts of the original single for a combined time of about 7 minutes. They cut away the last 15 seconds of part 1 and the first 15 seconds of part 2 and spliced the two together. For the end, they faded out early cutting off about one minute and 15 seconds. For the Stern's project, we go back to the orginal Kasongo single and combine parts one and two for the Mwana Mazembe download. For the album, Their Greatest Hits, we use a special edit that is similar though (we hope) more elegant than the original album version as well as a bit longer.

Back in 1982, Australian producer/engineer Norman Meighell was commissioned to go to Nairobi for recording sessions with Orchestra Makassy and Super Mazembe, the idea being to record to the highest standards possible and release the new materials in the UK and beyond on the Virgin label. Each of the groups redid some of their most popular previously recorded materials. For Mazembe, Kassongo was right at the top of the list. Mazembe's Kaivaska LP includes the new version which is faster than the original, has a prominant pounding snare drum, and combines all the various parts of the original 9 minute song into five minutes and 30 seconds. They succeeded in making a stunningly clean and clear recording in which each part could be heard. This Kassongo is a great alternative version though I think, personally, I prefer the original Mazembe sound.


Catalogue Number


Kasongo (original single)

Editions Mazembe EMA 7-06 Kasongo

Side A 4:34,
Side B 4:22

Kasongo (original album version)

EMI KLP 0514 Mwana Mazembe

Side A 1, Side A 2
(I assume these are the same lengths as the single)

Kasongo (orignal album version, parts 1 and 2 combined)

Editions Mazembe EMALP 0560 Their Greatest Hits

Side A, Song 1 7:07

Kassongo (original album version, parts 1 and 2 combined)

DiscAfrique AFRILP007 Maloba D'Amor

Side 1, Song 1 7:00

Kassongo (original single, part 1)

Stern's Earthworks STEW45CD Giants of East Africa

Song 1, 4:35

Kassongo (remake version) (Kassango on cover, Kassongo on disc label)

Virgin Records V2263 (USA) / 205340 (France) / OVED 162 (UK) Kaivaska (album cover title)/ Kaivasha (record label title)

Song 2, 5:30

Kasongo (remake version)

ARC Music EUCD 1239 The Most Beautiful Songs of Africa

Song 1, 5:21

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Mazembe Albums Discography

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