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Here is the cover for our first LP, Orchestra Maquis Original: Karubandika

This was our first try at an LP cover and my first time to write an album blurb. We signed it with Livingstone's name since I didn't want to appear as the American telling Kenyans what they should enjoy. A lot of people wondered what a London bus has to with this music. It was a good idea that got waylayed in the technical constraints of the time. Karubandika is a song about a man posing as a success but in fact he sleeps in a bus stand. We wanted to have a picture of a guy in a suit sleeping in a bus shelter. The printers, however, recommended against us doing our own photography saying it was too expensive and difficult to get color separations in a timely manner. (Remember, this was Nairobi in 1986!) They said they had this bus they could put on the cover for us. Not quite what we expected!

The guitarist on the back, by the way, is Nguza Viking, leader of Maquis in the mid-80s.

Here are the notes from the back cover:

THE MAQUIS story goes back more than twenty years to the town of Kamina in Zaire's Shaba Province, It was in 1963 that the group Orchestre Super Gabby came together and began performing in a local bar. Nearly ten years later, that same band, having changed their name to Orchestra Maquis du Zaire made their first appearnace in Dar-es Salaam in 1972. It was love at first sight (or sound) as the band received a warm reception from Tanzanian music lovers— so much so, that the band stayed on in Dar making it their home.

Today, the thirty-eight member MAQUIS remain one of the dominant groups on the Tanzanian music scene. With the recent success of their smash single KARUBANDIKA, MAQUIS are rapidly extending their popularity throughout Eastern and Central Afrrica. This LP is a selection of some of the most recent Maquis recordings. Get down and enjoy the Zembwela Beat!

F.L. Amaumo
Special Thanks: D. Paterson and Nguza Viking
Thanks to all Well Wishers

Livingstone added the special thanks, not me!

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