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Compact Discs and LPs produced by Douglas Paterson:

The Rough Guide to the Music of Kenya -- Various Artists

A compilation sampler of the diverse styles of Kenyan music. Artists include: Queen Jane, Gidi Gidi Maji Maji, Nyota Ndogo, Kakai Kilonzo & Les Kilimambogo Brothers, Mairaj Juma & Jauhar Orchestra, Suzzana Owiyo, Golden Sounds Band, Yunasi, D.O. Misiani and Shirati Jazz, Zuhura Swahleh & Mombasa Musical Party, and Kenge Kenge Orutu Systems. World Music Network: RGNET 1137 CD.

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Swahili Rumba -- Golden Sounds Band

Led by the Twahir Mohamed, former sax player with Orchestra Virunga, The Golden Sounds Band takes the laid back style of East African Swahili rumba and bumps it up a notch in intensity. Great Swahili rumba with touches of Conglese soukous. Budget priced at US$9.98 (list) from Naxos World (76055-2).

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The Best of Kakai Volume 1 -- Kakai Kilonzo and Les Kilimambogo Brothers Band

Throughout the 1970s and 80s, Kakai Kilonzo had immense popularity in Kenya and East Africa for his clever songs and down to earth dance music. Kakai and group played Kenya's benga style, but with sensibilities of their Kamba background from the area to the east of Nairobi. There are some superb music jams in the extended solos. Kakai passed away in 1987 but the music is as fresh as today. (By the way, my role in this CD was not as producer, but as the audio engineer in restoring the original tapes to CD quality. My wife and I also provided full song transcriptions and translations from Kamba and Swahili languages to English.) From Shava Musik (SHAVACD011-2).

Image of CD cover:  Muziki wa DansiMuziki wa Dansi -- Various Tanzanian Artists

This CD is a compilation of music from four of Tanzania's greatest dance bands: Orchestra Maquis Original, Juwata Jazz Band (aka, OTTU Jazz), International Orchestra Safari Sound, and Mlimani Park Orchestra. From Africassette Music (AC 9403).

Image of CD cover:  SikindeSikinde -- Mlimani Park Orchestra

This CD features classic hits from Tanzania's best loved pop dance band. From Africassette Music (AC 9402).

Image of CD cover:  The Nairobi BeatThe Nairobi Beat -- Various Kenyan Artists

This CD is a compilation of 10 Kenyan pop tunes from the mid-1980s. From Rounder Records (5030).

Image of Ahadi LP label.The Ahadi LPs

These are a series of albums of East African music produced by Livingstone Amaumo and Douglas Paterson and released by Ahadi Records, Nairobi Kenya. LPs are no longer manufactured in Kenya but many of the following albums are still available in cassette format in Nairobi.