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The ASL Label in Logos and Design

The ASL label went through a number of design changes over the years. The gallery below highlights some of the changes.

1. WIN 7-41 recorded at ASL with matrix number AS 101, released August, 1965. Note the "oval" ASL logo. I've never seen it used as the label logo but it may be related to the early 60s design seen in example 2.

2. Hugh Tracey's 1952 recording has an ASL album release apparently in the early 60s. The album cover was printed in Southern Rhodesia and the 10" LP pressed outside Kenya.

3. The classic ASL logo on a 45 rpm dust jacket. That logo disappeared from records in the mid-60s but remained on sleeves throughout the life of the label.

4. Here is the classic logo on ASL.625, a 78 rpm disc by Manu Dibango from 1962, pressed in South Africa. I have not seen any 78rpm ASL releases from Kenya though they may have existed.

5. A new design for the logo in South Africa after 1966. The flat base of the logo is a design element of the Kenyan label after 1968. This example is a 45rpm disc with the "Single Play 45" mark on the left. It has a Gallo ABC matrix number.

6. Meanwhile, in Kenya in the mid-60s, we see the first of the intertwined ASL lettering. The "Single Play 45" mark has become "Micro Groove 45," with the 45 disappearing altogether in in the next label design.

7. New label design in the later 60s with "Associated Sound (East Africa) Ltd., Nairobi" still under the interwined ASL (up to about ASL 7-1885).

8. About 1970, the words "Associated Sound (East Africa) Ltd. Nairobi" disappeared from the label and we start seeing references on the left side under the date to Phonogram, Ltd., the parent company of E.A. Records and ASL.

9. The gold label from 1976. "Phonogram, Ltd" on left removed, replaced by "MFD BY E.A. RECORDS FOR PHONOGRAM IN E. AFRICA."

10. Minimal identification of company links in the late 1970s. There is no mention Phonogram, PolyGram, (P) date, or place of manufacture.

11. By 1981, the Phonogram name is replaced by PolyGram. (P) date inclusion is sporatic.

12. From the first ASL LP series released in 1972.

13. and 14. The same Congolese song in parallel ASL releases in Kenya and southern Africa from 1968 (same catalogue number). 15. Also released in West Africa on the CONGO label by DECCA (West Africa) Ltd. (pressed in England).

16. African Beat, an ASL imprint in 1965. Note the similarity to the Congo Decca label.

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