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The SonoDisc 365 Series CD Discography

The African 360 series began in 1966 with the first of many "L'Afrique Danse" albums which compiled singles from various labels releasing singles in Africa and Europe. Compilations were the mainstay of the African label although both the African label and especially the Fiesta label did feature some new releases which were not simply compilations. Before the 360 vinyl LP series concluded in 1987, there were 158 albums releases containing 1372 tracks (with a few duplicates along the way and 10 potential catalogue numbers unreleased). As the CD format was finally taking hold towards the end of the 1980s, African label distributor SonoDisc, joined the party releasing the 20eme Anniversaire double LP by Franco, African 360.082/03, in CD format in two volumes as African CD 50382 and CD 50383. A special compilation released by SonoDisc from 1991, "30 Ans de Musique African 1960 - 1990," seems a forerunner to the 365 series CD compilations, launched in 1991 with 36501, "Les Merveilles du Passé," a compilation of Congolese materials between 1957 and 1975. Through the final disc in the series released in 1998, 36603, there were 103 CDs with a total 1364 separate tracks. Comparing the overlap with previously released tracks in the 360 LP series, I identified approximately 625 titles that appear in both.

Over the CD series, SonoDisc initially used the old African label logo (upper left) that appeared on the 360 series LPs. They later introduced the all-caps logo and the embellished lower case logo which are used along with the original with no apparent pattern.

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