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What this site is about...

My Stern's Music / AI Records Archives Project...

This was a project started in 2009 to review the audio archives of AI Records, Nairobi and to build some compilation CDs for release on the Stern's Africa label from London.

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Ongoing: The ASL album discography.
ASL LPs from Kenya.

(Updated 23 January, 2018)

Ongoing: The Polydor album discography.
Polydor LPs from Kenya.

New Vinyl Compilations of Kenyan Music


Something different from Kenya...

I've been doing compilations since the late '80s with the goal of putting together representative samples of music in East Africa. I've tried to highlight the best of each local genre. But these two releases from Soundway records take off in a different direction, shining the spotlight on innovative, genre-busting, music of the 1970s and 80s.

CD:  Kenya Special CD:  Kenya Special: Volume Two

Kenyan Pop Music
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Sonodisc 365 Series CD Discography
African and Fiesta Label 360 LP Series Discography
Polygram LPs from Kenya
ASL LPs from Kenya
Super Mazembe Singles from Editions Mazembe
Super Mazembe Albums
The Zanzibara Series: Music of the East African coast from Buda Musique

Tanzanian Pop Music
Image:  Tanzania Flag/Map   Classic and current Kenyan sounds from the Equator Heritage Sounds label
Samba Mapangala Homepage
Samba Mapangala & Orchestra Virunga - Maisha Ni Matamu (Life Is Sweet) The Rough Guide to the Music of Kenya Golden Sounds Band African Classics, Samba Mapangala, SLCD 149 Juma Tutu "Kimombasa" Issa Juma & Super Wanyika: World Defeats the GrandfathersD.O. Misiani & Shirati Jazz:  The King of History
Doug Paterson's East African music projects Muziki wa Dansi, Various  Tanzanian Artists Mlimani Park Orchesra, Sikinde Rachel Magoola, Uganda

Best of Kakai (Kilonzo) Vol 1Western Jazz Band - Songs of Happiness, Poison & Ululation

Ahadi Records, Nairobi Samba Mapangala & Virunga : Live Samba Mapanga - Virunga Roots Best of Kakai (Kilonzo) Vol 2 Raul (Tindika) Umba & Bouger Musica The Nairobi Beat:  Kenyan Pop Music TodayVijana Jazz Band - The Koka Koka Sex Battalion

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